this task will require you to have access to a common mundane object and a ruler that shows centimeters find either 1 can opener 2 lamp 3 telephone or 4 electric toothbrush once you ve found the object you d like to work with

Discussion 2: Parts, Pieces, & Properties
This task will require you to have access to a common, mundane object and a ruler that shows centimeters. Find either 1) Can Opener, 2) Lamp, 3) Telephone, or 4) Electric toothbrush. Once you’ve found the object you’d like to work with, you need to complete the following three responses.

Response/Reply 1


Locate the selected object in your home (if you picked “lamp,” then sit in front of a lamp to write the description).
Post a reply where you write a description of 100-150 words (fully describe the item in front of you using precise, objective language).

Response/Reply 2


Read through several of your classmates’ responses and jot down the descriptive terms they used.
Use some of their terms along with yours from your first response to post a reply to yourself where you make a list of the subjective (opinion) and objective (literal, factual) description words in the thread. Use sub-headers or bullet point to organize your list.

Response/Reply 3


Review the objective description words in your previous response.
Post a reply to yourself where you do the following:
Write out the classifications of the objective details based on the various parts of the item;
write out the arrangement of the objective details in a logical order (like from top to bottom or from left to right, depending on the item) and write a paragraph that answers the following 2 questions:
Who is the intended audience of this product description?
Will the intended audience understand the function of the product because of the description?

Each response is worth five (5) points for a total maximum score of 15 points. Full points are awarded for following the instructions and including all of the required elements. Half points are awarded for not fully addressing each prompt for each response. No points will be awarded for missing/late response.

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