Transformational Leadership Discussion




please respond to the folowing discussion post as a peer maiking  comment on the discussion post.At my current workplace, the main leadership styles communicated by my manager mainly consist of transformational leadership and servant leadership. Transformational leadership can be defined as a leadership style that requires the leader to inspire employees and motivate them towards achieving their collective goals. Transformational leaders often embody their vision and believe in it so strongly that they can empower others to do the same. Servant leadership can be defined as when leaders place the value of the team ahead of the individual. A servant leader is someone who can shed personal agendas and whose main goal is for their team (and the company) to thrive. Servant leaders do everything they can to serve their team and ensure that everyone is happy and fulfilled (, 2021).

A leader is responsible for the way change affects their team, so they need to adapt their leadership style to suit the situation or a change in their regular working environment. To successfully carry one’s team through a period of change or through a changing environment, one would need to work on their leadership skills and understand how to change their leadership style to suit the changes (Norwest Executive Education, 2021). Transformational and servant leadership styles are effective for leading changes in an organization. Transformational leaders create a greater focus on the vision of the changes within the organization, and therefore employees are usually more aligned with the company values. This helps to build stronger relationships between teams and can result in higher employee retention and engagement. Servant leaders see potential in their team during organizational change and enjoy raising them to new heights. Ultimately, this can create a positive working atmosphere and increase job satisfaction (, 2021). As a result, leaders provide the motivation to change and get workers involved. They create a sense of urgency and importance about the change and show commitment and passion for getting things done. They offer recognition to those who are participating and doing well (Stagl, 2022).


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