TRU Opt in And Opt out Organ Donation System Discussion and Responses




Write 250 words for the post in total (not for each argument)

In paragraph 1 write your ‘pro’ argument in response to your proposition statement. 

In paragraph 2 write your ‘con’ argument in response to your proposition statement. 

  • Use evidence to support your two positions

You must rely on evidence and scholarly research to support your positions. This can be, but you are not restricted to, the sources you included in your annotated bibliography. If you want to draw on different sources, this is fine.

Your post is of higher quality of you use in-text citations and include a bibliography, and hyperlinks to the permalink from the library.


Step 2: Back-and-Forth Debating

After your first post, you must respond to your teammates 5 times to complete the debate

Respond to others positively

Motivate the discussion with new ideas and thinking out of the box (you may take in-between positions)

Support thoughtful dialogue

  • Support a safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment where group members can take risks in their arguments, think critically and challenge assumptions
  • Refer to evidence from scholarship (including grey literature reports from government)(If you refer to something very current, such as the pandemic, or opioid crisis, acknowledge the timing of the evidence)
  • Provide permalinks to sources so others can see your references (hover over the icons until you find the link icon)



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