understanding groupthink the case of operation market garden

Task 6

In this week’s Task you will explore group behavior and groupthink.

Read chapter 10 in Together: The Science of Social Psychology.

Read the article “Understanding Groupthink: The Case of Operation Market Garden”

Write a 250-400 word reaction paper to ONE of the videos. The video links are available on the PowerPoint for week 6 AND/OR under lesson 6. Be sure to discuss the group dynamics of influence, obedience, and conformity.

Write a 250-400 word reaction paper to the article in Step 2. Be sure to address the following questions: what are 2-3 types of groupthink discussed in the article? Explain how each works. What are 2-3 “symptoms” of groupthink? How do they develop and influence group think?

Upload your
two papers to Moodle (please note that both papers can be typed on one Word document).

Video links (1st- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wFZ5Dbj8DA)


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