Unit 10 Discussion

It  is essential when beginning your practice to understand your personal  values, organizational values, professional ethical ethics, and the  intersection of them to ethical decision-making. Anyone without a firm  understanding of ethical dilemmas, ethics, and the process of ethical  decision-making can find themselves violating ethical principles.  Remaining aware of potential problem areas will prepare you to recognize  them when they present themselves to you. To gain additional practice  in this area, in your discussion you will create and analyze a case  study to evaluate whether the actions presented are consistent with the  NOHS Standards for Human Service Professionals.

Create  a scenario of an ethical dilemma that you have not previously used. It  can involve any type of violation against the NOHS Standards for Human  Service Professionals.

Please respond to the following:

  • Describe the case you have chosen, outlining all ethical issues presented by the actions of the Human Services Professional.
  • Discuss how your core values, which you shared in Unit 2, are reflected in your course of actions.
  • Analyze the actions in light of your readings and the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals.
  • Outline how you could handle the situation differently.
  • Suggest  some ways in which the astute and ethical human service professional  can prevent such a situation from developing by being aware and  proactive in his or her practice.

**350 words**

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