Unit III Negotiation Planning

For the Unit III Project, you will create a negotiation planning guide for an organization to implement. In your planning
guide, you will explain the ten-step planning process outlined on page 125 in your course textbook.
Within your project, include the following:
ï‚·  An introduction explaining the importance of planning goals and strategies during the negotiation process and a
description of the difference between goals and strategies
ï‚·  A planning guide that includes an explanation of each step in the planning, as well as a real-world example of how
the step is applied. This example can be something you have witnessed, researched, or an original idea and
should assist the organization in understanding how to implement this plan.
Your plan must be a minimum of 750 words or three pages in length (not including the title page and reference page).
Within your plan, please label each step for clarity. Feel free to be creative, but keep in mind that an organization will be
following your descriptions. You are required to use at least your textbook as a source. Remember to cite and reference
all outside sources used.

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