University of British Columbia Airbnb Rental Business Discussion




Roman Catholic

Jewish (specify)

Protestant (specify denomination)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Buddhist (specify which culture)


Due Date: March 3d 2020 by 8:00 am

Der is worth 50 points.


  • Title page will include Title of the paper; student’s names and Professor’s names; Course title, Catalogue number and date in a Times New Roman 12-point font black ink.
  • The entire paper double-spaced, in a Times New Roman 12-point font, black ink, 1” margin maximum, page numbered and left justified.
  • Report to include 5 pages of research maximum (not including title page, reference page or artwork)
  • Use accurate spell check and grammar check throughout your paper; you may include artwork, such as memorial folder, prayer cards, etc: please be thorough in your report.
  • Reference page in alpha order to include at least five appropriate primary sources other than your original textbook: Use only APA (6) citation requirements throughout the paper for all of your references. If you use a web site, the URL is required.
  • You may not use “Wikipedia” or similar collective media outlets or lecture notes as references
  • A simple report cover and the last page of the checklist are required for this research paper. Absence of any of these items will reduce your overall grade by 1 letter.
  • Plagiarized work may lead to final exam cancellation

I will be able to do the cover letter. This is my criteria for the paper. It’s due on March 3rd.

I need a research paper over the Roman Catholic funeral services with research from credible sources and a works cited.


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