University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Marketing Question

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Hulu Environmental Scan, Swot Analysis, and Promotion Plan

Environmental scan – Conduct a thorough environmental scan for the industry that your company belongs to. Make
sure to address all of the key components of environmental scanning (economic, competition,
technology, political-legal and social-cultural. Make sure to clearly label each element you are

SWOT Analysis – Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis for your company. It will be helpful to look at the industry
trends and information collected in your environmental scan for the opportunities and threats.
The company web site, annual report or research articles may help you to understand the
strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Please use bullet points for each element of the
SWOT. You should have a minimum of at least five bullet points for each section of the SWOT.

Promotion – How does a typical customer find out about the firm’s products?
Examine product advertising (submit advertising samples with your final paper if available). What is the
overall message of the advertising campaign? Which media types are currently being used to promote the product? Has the firm chosen types of media that will best reach its target market? Effective or
ineffective based on strategy / positioning? – In your opinion.


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