University of North Texas Social Science Essay




  • Choose a school “challenge”, describe the challenge, and research current trends and interventions used to help alleviate the challenge.
  • Develop an intervention for the school challenge researched.
  • Please include evidenced based or evidenced informed research and interventions.
  • Provide the steps for the intervention and describe how the intervention will be assessed for effectiveness.
  • The paper will be 8-10 pages and will include at least 8 references using APA documentation.
  • Please follow guidelines for writing a professional paper.
  • Use scholarly literature, double space, and use 12-point font (Times New Roman), as well as 1-inch margins.

Possible topics for this assignment include:

“High Risk” behaviors that can lead to drop out or school failure

Topics may include:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention/intervention
  • Pregnancy prevention/intervention and /or HIV

School Violence and Conflict Topics may include:

  • Bullying
  • Conflict mediation resolution programs
  • Gang and violence prevention

Diversity issues/Special Needs Topics may include:

  • Confronting racism and bigotry in school
  • Sexual harassment
  • School SW with children with disabilities

Safety Topics may include:

  • Child abuse assessment and reporting
  • Suicide risk assessment and intervention

Organizational Structure of the School Social Work Challenge Paper:

Description of challenge
Current research findings
Current practice modalities/interventions (3) (Evidenced based or informed)
Design your own Intervention – outline steps
Assessment for effectiveness


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