UNSW Sociology Essay




Question: Please use Georg Simmel’s understanding of sacrificeas the basis for interpreting value as the conceptual approaches that help us to rethink the social.

Think of an example (it can be anything. It could be a personal experience, a news story, a social, political or cultural event, a movie, a poem, a ritual, etc.). The only constraint is that it must have a ‘social’ dimension. *Be more focus and not too braod*

Now, reflect on how your chosen conceptual approach helps you to appreciate something new about the example you have chosen. In other words, we want you to think about how your chosen conceptual approach helps you to ‘rethink’ an aspect of social life.

Please remember to:

1. Define the concept you are using (i.e., sacrifice/value or translation).

2. Explain how your thinker uses the concept to help us understand the ‘social’.

3. Briefly describe your example.

4. Demonstrate how your example illustrates the concept you have chosen.

–Use “I” to drive the paper

–Must use in-text citation (to minimize the word count, you cant quote a certain clause/phrase) –if quotes that can pharaphase easily for explaination please do so!! e.g Simmel 1971:43 or Latour 1988:310

–Focus on Simmel or other thinkers that was mentioned in the course (can refer to previous workbook entries)

–don’t use external resources, unless it is necessary to support your example

–Focus on how the example demonstrate the concept

–Include Introduction/Conclusion/Reference List

Here is what we will be looking for in your essay:

• Evidence of close textual engagement (and attention to referencing);

• Understanding of the main ideas and issues;

• Coherent presentation of author’s arguments;

• Evidence of capacity to apply concepts to an example of your choosing;

• Discussion of how the concept has allowed you to understand the social in a new way

Attached files included the reading/lecture ppt/some writing guidelines (screenshots)

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