urban Sociology Chinatowns Paper




Submit your completed sociological write-up of an urban subculture in the format of a simple magazine layout illustrated with a few photos you took during your observations. You should not worry about exactly how many pages the assignment needs to be. If you set out to earnestly answer all of the sociological guiding questions (in the provided outline) based on field site observations, interviews (or questionnaires), and some significant background research, you will end up with a substantial paper. Incorporating and explaining 10 key terms (plus a few associated sociological thinkers) into your writing will likewise add substantive material to your written project.

In the examples, please notice how:

The paper is organized by putting the five Outline sections in bold font (i.e., “Introduction,” “Analysis,” “Research,” etc.), thereby creating five sections for the essay. Each of the five essay sections should comprise your responses to the relevant sociological guiding questions that are provided in the Outline.

TEN key terms are defined in original wording (to demonstrate understanding of their meaning and significance) and are used logically throughout the paper where appropriate. Terms are in bold font to stand out (terms only). At least TWO of your explanations need to mention SOCIOLOGICAL THINKERS associated with that term (that we covered in class; I put names in parenthesis next to the appropriate terms in the provided list to make this part a little easier to do.

The paper is illustrated with original photos taken while student was visiting a fieldsite (as well as additional historical images obtained through the Internet) and creatively formatted like a magazine article (single-spaced text in two columns, pictures and other graphics, a cover page, etc.). Original photos are documentation of your fieldwork experiences.

In-text citations are provided where paraphrased research material is incorporated into the body of the paper (and citations match complete bibliographic information in the Works Cited list at the end of the paper). In-text citations and Works Cited list are formatted to MLA guidelines (this is very easy to do).

In-text citations are provided where paraphrased class material from the modules is incorporated into the body of the paper. (Module page info does not need to be listed in the Works Cited).

In-text citations and Works Cited list are formatted to MLA guidelines (this is very easy to do).

  • The writing style for the Midterm Project should be like an interesting article that you might see in a mainstream magazine such as Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. These types of articles are organized, edited and informational, but they are written in an enjoyable, colorful narrative style.
  • Your paper needs to be structured according to the OUTLINE and clearly divided into five sections (i.e., “Introduction,” “Research,” “Analysis,” etc.). Put the section title in bold letters to separate each section in your essay.
  • Each section of your paper will be comprised of your responses to the provided SOCIOLOGICAL GUIDING QUESTIONS provided in the Outline (plus you can add your own questions on top of those if you like).
  • Each of the guiding questions (contained within the five outline sections) should be answered with a couple of strong paragraphs, though depending on how much material you were able to gather, some questions will be answered in greater depth than others.
  • You do NOT need to write out the guiding questions in each section, though some find it helpful to do so; it’s up to you. Just make sure you clearly address the appropriate subject matter for the questions (it should be obvious to me which questions you are addressing).
  • TEN key terms from the provided list need to be logically incorporated throughout your paper and used in such a way that it is clear to the reader (me) that you understand the terms well. Terms need to be explained / defined in original wording.
  • Terms need to be in bold print (but only the first time they are used).
  • You are welcome to define the terms in footnotes if you like (instead of within the paragraph), but either way, the definitions need to be your unique explanation to demonstrate your understanding of them. How would you explain the term to a friend who is unfamiliar with its meaning?

Specific module content, research data, and interview material need to be summarized in your own words. Please, no direct quotes unless it’s something so perfect that it needs to be included as such.


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