Variables, Measures, and SPSS Assignment Instructions Worksheet


This Homework: Variables, Measures & SPSS Assignment is designed to assess your understanding of the concepts and applications covered thus far in PSYC 510: Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I. This particular module introduces more introductory concepts of research design including types of measures commonly used in the field, variables, scale of measurement, and whether variables are discrete or continuous. Definitions, applications, and importance of reliability and validity are covered, and we are introduced to the most commonly used statistical software in our field – SPSS.


Be sure you have reviewed this module’s Learn section before completing this Homework: Variables, Measures & SPSS Assignment. This Homework: Variables, Measures & SPSS Assignment is worth 60 points. Each question is worth 3 points except questions #1 – 3, which are worth 4 pts. Six points are awarded for overall mechanics/structure.

Part I contains general concepts from this module’s Learn section.

Part II requires use of SPSS. You will have to take “snips”, screen shots and/or copy and paste from your SPSS to place answers within this file. Make sure you only insert relevant and legible images. Failure to do so may affect the mechanics / structure points for this assignment.

Part III is the cumulative section. These may include short answer and/or use of SPSS but will review material from previous module(s).

Directions for each subsection are provided in the top of each table (in the gray shaded areas). Answers should be placed where indicated (wherever there is “ANSWER”).


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