Venturing into traditional retail

Please find below the guidelines for the assignment.

Case: Amazon Go – Venturing into traditional retail

Sources of Case Study: Harvard Business Review, Ivey Cases and The Case Center

Thoroughly read the case and prepare a case analysis report. Please ensure that while writing the case analysis, the following questions are incorporated as a part of the report:

  • Were Amazon’s diversifications through Amazon Go and Amazon Elements appropriate, given the company resources and capabilities? Were such diversifications risky strategic moves?
  • Can Amazon Go reproduce its online retail success in offline retail segments? Will it be able to become one of the biggest offline players?
  • As the first mover in the shopping technology, will Amazon Go be able to succeed in the long term?
  • How can Amazon Go avoid failures like the diaper brand it introduced in 2014 and make Amazon Elements successful? How should Amazon Go differentiate Amazon Elements from the products of other suppliers, that it sells through its platform?
  • Could Amazon’s offline retail marketing concept be developed globally?
  • Was Jeff Bezos the right person to lead the company in facing the challenges of new offline retail ventures?


  • Introduction
  • Company Background
  • Discussion Questions – Please name the sections appropriately
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Word Limit: 1400 words; use external academic and relevant non-academic references to support your answers.

You may like to explore the following resources for learning how to analyze a case and write a Case Analysis:




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