Virginia Tech The Cult of Personality Discussion




To complete this make up assignment, you need to watch Tiger King, Episode 2 “The Cult of Personality.” It may be helpful to watch additional episodes in order to better address the prompt. You may opt to do part A only (worth 10 points), part A&B only (worth 20 points) or part A, B, and C (worth 30 points). You may NOT do just B, just C, just B&C or just A&C.

*Please note: failure to follow directions will result in having your extra credit/makeup effort thrown out and you will not receive another opportunity for a makeup*

How might we utilize Social Bonding Theory to explain the following:

A. Doc Antle’s apprentice program

B. Joe Exotic’s staff and..”spouse situation”

C. Carole Baskins’ success with Big Cat Rescue (volunteers, which would include social media marketing)

You need to utilize all 4 components of the bond in your explanation. Please note, in all of these cases, we are focusing not on these key characters (Doc Antle, Joe Exotic, or Carole Baskins), but the people around them (apprentices, staff/spouses, volunteers). Do you think Differential Association or Social Learning Theory would better explain the behavior we see? If so, which one and why? If not, why not?

Should you choose to take advantage of this opportunity, this assignment is due by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, April 10thNO EXCEPTIONS


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