Week 4 Pricing Strategy Marketing Paper

  1. Assignment 1: Pricing StrategyDue Week 4 and worth 216 pointsImagine that you work for a pricing strategy consulting business. Select a business to be your next client. Think of a scenario that would result in your client seeking advice from your consulting business. You will use this same business / client for Assignment 2.InstructionsDevelop a report about your client for your boss (two to four pages recommended) that includes the following components:Company Description
    1. Describe the company, the products it makes or services it provides, and the problem(s) or issue(s) that the company is facing related to its pricing strategy.
  2. Pricing Strategies
    1. Evaluate the pricing strategies relative to the product life cycle for your client’s three top-selling products.
      1. Summarize the critical factors (e.g., technology, regulation, market information, and consumer preferences) that affect your client’s pricing decisions.
      2. Describe the impact value has on the company’s pricing strategy and profitability, and the importance of market segmentation.
      3. Determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your client’s price and value communication strategies.


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