week 8 jp

The Supremes

For this Written Assignment you will be writing a 1-2-page paper using APA format, 12-point font and standard margins. You are REQUIRED to use a minimum of 2 (two) outside sources to support your points in your paper. Make sure you include a proper reference page.

Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President and ratified by Congress. This process is very politically charged. Remember, a Supreme Court Justice is appointed for life and the cases and issue that get addressed are usually extremely important.

Should Supreme Court Justices be elected? How could this potentially impact issues decided by the Court (provide at least one specific example)? Should there be a process for removing a Justice from the Court?

What role does politics play in the appointment process and how should this be regulated if at all?

Select an issue that has been address or is likely to be addressed by the Supreme Court and discuss the criteria and the path required for that issue to make it to the Supreme Court. What issue do you think the Supreme Court needs to address? How does the make up of the Supreme Court influence the decision?

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