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Data Imports, Inc. is a company located in San Antonio, Texas. Organizational leaders recently decided to consider a sweeping change initiative that will significantly change daily operations at the company.

In order to determine whether the time is right for this change, the company’s CEO, David Long, decided to collect some data. First, he asks the employees to complete a Likert Scale survey designed to measure individual employees’ readiness for change.

Employees were instructed to answer the questions based on how they personally had behaved towards change (based on a survey from Cinte, 2006).  The survey was sent to 12 employees; 8 returned it.


You work at Data Imports, Inc., and the CEO knows you are pursuing your doctorate degree. He has asked you to perform a quantitative analysis on the data collected from the eight participants.

Perform the following tasks to complete the analysis.

1.      Summarize the data.

a.       Review the individual participant’s responses (pgs. 2 – 5) and provide a cumulative tally of their answers in the summary table on page 6.

2.      Construct a frequency distribution figure according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

3.      When your analysis is done, the CEO will ask you for a preliminary assessment; is the company ready for a significant change initiative? What will you tell him?

a.       In 100 250 words, respond to the question, “Do you believe this organization is ready for change? Explain why or why not.



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