Wk3 Sociology Healthcare Inequalities Discussion




1) What are some of the arguments for the ‘private market approach’ to the healthcare system?

2) What is defensive medicine and how does it contribute to higher cost of healthcare in the US? Name one other factor that contributes to high cost of healthcare in the US.

3) Migrants sometimes engage in healthcare strategies that fall in the ‘grey’ zone. Explain with examples, what these strategies are and why migrants have to resort to them.

.Rueshil Fadia10:31amJul 14 at 10:31amManage Discussion EntryAs we talked about in lecture, doctors and healthcare professionals often get paid to promote their products by drug companies. This can often lead to prescriptions with ulterior motivations, which is directly undermining the quality of care in the United States. Pharmaceutical companies often have other methods of product promotion including the lump sum spent on lobbying. My question is: If we take this manipulation away to rightly improve the quality of healthcare, what should be a doctors method of determining how much they trust a new drug? Should it be purely based on study design?


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