write a 400 to 500 words paragraph for my transfer application i will put down the general idea and you make it a decent paragraph please proof read no grammar mistakes

“General Idea” “Please Base On ME and What I provide to re write.”

“Please don’t use what I write and reformatted if possible , Since I wanted to make it high academic and formal. I’m a second language speaker It’s struggle for me to make it look as good as professional. Use the idea I was saying to convince Ucla to admit me.”

I was a competitive student-athlete in Asia(Taiwan) , The culture there is different from the states. The athlete there is forced to focus on the sport they dedicated and have a high volume of practice. For example, 6 hours a day. And extreme tired. Unlike being in-state, student-athletes have to be aware of the grades to get in NCAA. Also, the practice time are restricted by the school and certain law. It is not the same case in Taiwan; We can get into top college with our sports awards or sports performance. But, Things change my mind after I decided to leave my country to pursue my dream to play in the NCAA. I was shocked that student-athlete here is different; they get forced by their coach to get good grades to be eligible. At first, I’m struggling at school, but I keep forced my self to do it, and I keep improving. I like the atmosphere in the state because as a student we should learn somethings we love not just working on sports because sports can’t last forever. It was a culture shock for me

In summer 2019, I face severe injuries on the court that I have to sit back for years to recover. It’s a heartbreaking situation that I never imagine myself be in, and now I have to make a decision. I take a few months off after the surgery and find out that basketball is not the only thing in life. I still got an education. I understand that knowledge will be the next significant criteria of my life puzzle, and I’m glad that the culture in states help me. I have faced failure at my carrier as a basketball player, but I’m happy that the culture of the student-athletes in the USA help me to become a better person. Not only a basketball player but more dynamic students that gain knowledge.

I will have a fantastic year this year in SMC with excellent grades to prove my self that I can be at the level I want. I wanted to go to Uc’s and be an excellent example or role model for those athletes in Asia. Prove to them that study is critical because you never know what will happen in life. I wanted to bring all I learned from UC’s and spread the culture back in my country. And help out all the athletes that live in the system, which ended up in a bad situation.

Please Enter a quote about failure and overcome. You can find a better one, the one below is my example

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Please Rewrite it in better form, Construction and fluent. Also, convincing and heart touching.

****Please Proof Read, Can’t have any Grammar Mistake*****

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