write a report on the mathematician isaac newton

MA 101 Extra Credit Assignment: Report on a Mathematician

This assignment will earn up to 25 points added to your total test score when the final course grade is calculated.

Write a brief (3-5 page) report about the mathematician Isaac Newton. The report should answer, at a minimum, the following questions:

When and where did this mathematician live and work?

What connections did he or she have with other mathematicians?

In what field of mathematics did he or she work?

What is (at least) one significant accomplishment that this mathematician is responsible for?

In what non-mathematical pursuits was he or she involved?

Your paper will be evaluated for the following:

Does is answer the questions in the instructions above?

What additional information is included?

Is it well written?

Organization and structure

Proper use of English grammar and syntax

Are sources of information cited?

This assignment is due Friday morning, November 22. Late submissions will not be accepted.

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