Case Study

Background info: An experienced registered professional nurse has just been promoted to the nurse manager of a nursing unit. The nurse had been a very effective leader on the unit prior to the promotion of becoming the nurse manager. What are the essential characteristics of an effective leader that the new nurse manager needs to incorporate into the nursing unit culture?

Part I: You are working with the newly promoted nurse. Her name is Marge. She asks you if you would be interested in assisting her in collecting evidence on the best ways to be proactive in preparation for the fall influenza season. This year, Marge wants to offer a flu vaccine clinic for the local community shelter staffed by everyone on this unit. You are willing to help Marge, and you inform her you will assist her with developing a plan of action.

Answer the question based on the information above, 1 page paper APA style.

What type of leadership qualities has Marge exhibited to you?