4 program capstone

The Unit 4 Assignment in this course is to complete the Comprehensive Assessment located at the link listed below. The assessment results are used to measure program level learning outcomes as required by accreditation authorities. You are required to complete the assessment to receive points for this assignment. Although you do not need to prepare for this assessment, you need to do your best to provide the best data for continuous improvement and to earn the highest points possible on this assignment.

The assessment is a graded assignment. The points you earn for the assessment will be based on the following table:

Comprehensive Assessment Score

Relative Competency

Percentage of Assignment Points Earned

80 100%

Very High


70 79%



60 69%

Above Average


40 59%



30 39%

Below Average


20 29%



10 19%

Very Low


This assessment is a program level assessment of your business knowledge and is a standardized assessment used with many different colleges and universities. As such, it is not expected that you will know the answer to every question.

Please click here for the FAQ. It is best if you read through it before beginning the assignment.

Assessment Instructions:

  1. Please click on the following link in order to begin the registration process for the assignment http://www.peregrineacademics.com/aiuschools.You must register to obtain an access key to take the assessment.
  2. After entering the site, enter the password AICUB 2001.
  3. Click “Proceed with Registration”. Use your AIU student e mail address for registration.
  4. Follow the instructions to self register and obtain your assessment access key.
  5. Then, select the course you are currently enrolled in (MGMT499).
  6. At the end of the self registration process, click on the course name, and your Web browser will open to the assessment screen. This is the best method to start the assessment. If you do not start the assessment at the end of the self registration process, you can access the assessment by using the e mail that will be sent to you, which has a hyperlink to take you to the assessment.
  7. When you complete the assessment, you will receive a certificate showing your Assessment Score. Save your certificate, and upload it to the Unit 4 IP assignment drop box. You must upload the certificate in order to earn points for this assignment.



Discussion Board 150 250 words


In today’s competitive business climate, achieving long term business success has become more difficult. For example, changes in technology cause the demise of technology manufacturers, and changes in the supply of oil and the resulting price of gasoline can have an impact on auto companies that focus on gas guzzlers.

For your current employer or any company for which you have knowledge, answer the following questions:

  • What are two factors or forces external to the company that made them successful or was key to them being successful, now or in the past? These are meant to be big picture forces affecting the overall economy or the industry as a whole (i.e., new regulations, major new competitor, new technology, etc.).
  • What specific events could happen that could cause these two favorable factors to change, and therefore, negatively impact the company?
  • How do you feel the company should respond if there is a negative impact on it?
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