8 statistics questions

Let’s explore the proposition that California milk cows produce more milk because they are happier cows. As a beginning use the data in the materials forum to analyze the mean milk production for milk cows in California from 1990 through 2005 by answering the following questions. 


a.    What is the population for this data?

b.    What scale of measurement is milk production (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio)?

c.    Explain why you choose this scale of measurement.

d.    What are the measures of Central Tendency and which measure should be used to represent milk production?

e.    Explain why you choose this measure of Central Tendency.

f.     What are measures of Dispersion used for and which one should be used for milk production?

g.    Explain why you choose this measure of Dispersion.

h.    Develop a Cumulative Frequency Distribution.

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