assignment 488




Read the Case Analysis at the end of chapter 4, on pages 147 148 (print text) and answer the questions that follow.


Table 4 1 and identify which sources were used. Are there any other sources that would provide useful information?




In collecting information, did the training analyst ask the correct people for the relevant information? Explain your answer. Hint: Examine Table 4 2.




How would you go about dealing with the nontraining needs? Why is this important?




What sources of data were used in the operational analysis? Indicate how closely they correspond to the ideal model presented in the text.




What sources of data were used in the person analysis? Indicate how closely they correspond to the ideal model presented in the text.


Web Research


Conduct an Internet search to identify a needs analysis model that is different from the one presented in this chapter. Summarize the two models and describe how they differ. Provide a critical analysis of these differences.


Case Analysis


Fred recently became a manager at a local hardware store that employs six managers and 55 nonmanagement employees. As new, larger chains such as Home Depot come to the area, the owner is concerned about losing many of his customers because he cannot compete on the basis of price. The management team met and discussed its strategic response. The team determined that the hardware store would focus on particular items and make personalized service the cornerstone of its effort. Fred’s responsibility was to train all nonmanagement employees in good customer relations skills; for that he was given a budget of $70,000. Over the past six months, Fred has received a number of training brochures from outside organizations.




One of the brochures boasted, “Three day workshop, $35,000. We will come in and train all your employees (maximum of 50 per session) so that any customer who comes to your store once will come again.”


Another said, “One day seminar on customer service skills. The best in the country. Only $8,000 (maximum participants 70).”


A third said, “Customer satisfaction guaranteed on our customer satisfaction training for sales clerks. Three day workshop, $25,000. Maximum participants 25 to allow for individual help.”


Fred liked the third one because it provided personalized training. He called the company to talk about its offering. The consultant said that by keeping the number small, he would be able to provide actual work simulations for each of the trainees. He also indicated that he would tailor the simulations to reflect the hardware store. Fred noted that they would need two sessions and asked the consultant if he could take a few more per session to accommodate the 55 employees. The consultant agreed. The training went ahead, and the cost was under budget by $20,000.


Case Questions




Do you agree with Fred’s decision to use the third vendor? Using concepts from the chapter, explain your answer.




What else might Fred do before choosing a training package? Use information provided in Chapter 2 and 3 to describe your approach. Make sure to provide enough detail to demonstrate your understanding of the key issues and approaches to determining how to proceed once a triggering event has occurred.




If training went ahead as indicated, how successful do you think it would be? Explain your answer using concepts from this chapter.


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