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Assignment Choices

You will choose three from this list to create and upload to the assignment folder for this novel. 

  • For each of the three assignments, put an appropriate heading on your page for that activity.

  • Also, for many of these assignments, you will need an introductory paragraph that explains what your reader is seeing.

  • The monologue and two voice poem will especially need introductions.

  • Do not consider the introduction as part of the word count for the assignment.

  • When the directions say 300 words, this means the minimum effort.

  • Click on links to find directions or help for most of these activities.
  • Please see the rubrics on the handout at the bottom of the page to help guide your work.
  1. character study of one of the main characters. (300 words)

  2. A map of Maycomb. Draw it on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of printer paper to be scanned later. The map should show the following: Finch house, Radley house, Mrs. Dubose’s house, Miss Maudie’s house, the school, the court house, the big tree, the gate and fence where Jem “loses” his pants, and the snowman. The map must also be neatly done and in color. Label all parts of the map in black ink (fine point Sharpee will work very well). Be ready to scan your map early to avoid a late assignment. Or scan your own map in the library or at home. Scanned images for the web should be 72 pixels per inch. The image size should not be larger than 700 pixels wide.

  3. newspaper article about Tom’s trial. (300 words)

  4. A report card for Scout after her first grade year. Include all main school subjects (reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art etc.) but also add a grade for behavior. Each grade needs to have teacher comments. (You have to pretend you are the teacher). Design your own report card or ask Ms. Hogue for a ThinkBook form.

  5. An obituary or a eulogy for Tom Robinson.

  6. A comic strip (8 panes) that illustrates a major event from the novel. Use a comic strip from a Sunday newspaper as an example of how to set up the title, the drawings and the character’s voices.

  7. monologue from one of the main characters that reveals his or her feelings about an event from the novel. (300 words)

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