bottled water company

Portfolio Project: The Bottled Water Company Comprehensive Master Budget (350 points)

For your final Portfolio Project, you will complete the master operating budgets for a fictitious bottled water company on spreadsheet(s) in a workbook, using formulas and linking figures for maximum effectiveness of the spreadsheet. The information you will need to complete these budgets can be found in the link below:



Additionally, complete the budgeted income statement, linking the numbers from the supporting budgets to the income statement. Note that you are not given the information to complete the budgeted balance sheet, so a balance sheet is not expected to be a part of the assignment package. 


Finally, prepare an executive summary to Ginnie Adams, the owner of the Bottled Water Company, with your results from the comprehensive budget for the new product and how launching the new product would affect net income. 


Because this project requires both a detailed and lengthy Excel component as well as an MSWord component, you will be submitting it in two parts.  Both parts are due by the end of Week 8.  You will upload them to the grade center separately and your instructor will grade them using two separate rubrics.


Part 1 is worth 225 points of the final project grade and should include: 


 Sales Budget 
 Production Budget 
 Direct Materials Budget 
 Direct Labor Budget 
 Overhead Budget 
 Selling and Administrative Expense Budget 
 Cost of Goods Manufactured Budget 
 Budget and Income Statement 


Part 2 is worth 125 points of the final project grade and should include:


 Executive Summary (2 3 pages)
You are encouraged to convert both your Excel workbook and MS Word executive summary to PDF files prior to submission to ensure the formatting of each remains as you have designed it.  If you do not do this conversion, the Waypoint grading system will and some of your formatting may be lost.  


Part 1 will be graded mostly on your correct computations and ability to construct each unique budget from a set of given data.  Part 2 will be graded on both content and writing mechanics.  You must address the results of your comprehensive budget as well as explain how launching the new proposed product would impact net income, and you must do this in conformity with CSU Global’s requirements for APA style and expectations for college level writing.  Please see the Portfolio Project rubrics for specific grading criteria.
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