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The attachment theory has been one of the most influential ideas in the field of developmental psychology. Years of scientific research have shown enormous support for this theory. However, more and more reports are emerging that demonstrate all parents, particularly teenage mothers, are not embracing the available data that stresses the importance of early attachments. 

You have been asked to make a presentation for a teen parent support group at your local health department. Utilize the information in the textbook related to attachment, cognitive, moral, and gender development to design a brochure that can be used during your presentation. While talking to the teen moms, make sure that you cover elements related to their own development as adolescents. Do not forget to cover the impact of peer influences on their parenting styles as well. 

Your project must include a reference list. You must use your textbook and one additional source in your brochure. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced. Paraphrased and quoted material must have citations as well. 

Be creative in your response.

NOTE: Although you are welcome to state your personal opinion on this topic, please design your brochure using the 

information covered in this unit. 

Click here to access a PDF of an example of a brochure. Use Microsoft Word, or another word processing program to create a three column brochure in landscape orientation. 


I have attached the example

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