Business Process Model and Notation Project





Markle Industries has been manufacturing and selling restaurant equipment such as fryers and grills for more than 15 years. Markle is a privately held firm and the board is planning to take the company public within the next two years. Therefore, they have hired you as the company’s first internal auditor. One of your tasks as the internal auditor, is to document Markle’s various processes. You will start with the order-processing system. You have already walked through the process with Markle employees. The following is what you have discovered.

All customer orders are credit sales and arrive via the company website or from Sales Rep sales at trade shows.


When an order comes in, the order-processing clerk checks the customer’s credit file to confirm credit approval and ensure that the amount falls within the credit limit. If either of these conditions is not met, the order is sent to the credit department. If an order meets both conditions, the order-processing clerk enters it into the system on a standard order form. The data on the form is used to update the company’s customer file (in which the name, address, and other data are stored), and the form is placed in the company’s open order file.

When the credit department receives a rejected order, the credit clerk determines why the order has been rejected. If the credit limit has been exceeded, the customer is notified that the merchandise will be shipped as soon as Markle receives payment to reduce their balance below their credit limit. If the customer has not been approved for credit, a credit application is sent to the customer along with a notification that the order will be shipped as soon as credit approval is granted.

Before preparing a picking ticket, the system checks the inventory records to determine whether the company has the products ordered on hand. If the products are not available, a notice of backorder is sent to the customer and an inventory requirement is recorded in the production and inventory planning system. If the items are in stock, a picking ticket is prepared and sent to the warehouse. Once the items are picked, the warehouse prepares a packing slip and crates the equipment for shipment via common carrier.

The carrier notifies Markle that goods have shipped and a customer invoice is prepared. A copy is filed by the order-processing department, another is sent to the customer, and another is sent to the accounting department so that accounts receivables can be updated. The invoice in the customer file is timestamped indicating that the invoice has been sent.


Using the Signavio Process Manager process diagramming tool, create a BPMN (business process model and notation) diagram of the order process at Markle as described above. Save your document in your folder in Signavio as Yourlastname_assignment2. Put your name and REDID somewhere on the diagram.

Print/export a pdf of your diagram and submit it here in Canvas. Also, be sure to save your drawing in Signavio so that I can view it.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a flow charting method for the steps in a business process. It is similar to the Business Process Diagrams you have seen in your text book. The BPMN organization seeks to standardize and simplify business process diagrams and has developed a standard set of symbols and methodology that is being adopted by organizations worldwide.

According to, ”A standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical notation and will give organizations the ability to communicate these procedures in a standard manner.”

You will use BPMN to diagram a business process for an assignment in this class. Therefore, I have provided you with the following reference resources:



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