change managment 11199225 2

. In your plan, you will indicate what you wish to achieve in your second session, the learning discipline you propose to apply with your group (Team Learning or Systems Thinking), and the exercise you will use to promote capacity in your team with respect to your chosen discipline.


For this assignment, develop an exercise based on either Team Learning and Systems Thinking, and write your plan for the second team development session. You might find it helpful to look ahead to Units 7 and 8 for more information on “Systems Thinking.” Your instructor will provide feedback on this assignment.

Include the following information in this assignment:

  • Describe the intended purpose for session two of team development.
  • Define change management and explain the two disciplines, Team Learning and Systems Thinking.
  • Explain the learning discipline you have selected, why you have selected it, and why it is important.
  • Explain the group exercise you have selected, and how you will use the team development material.
  • Describe the organization you have selected for your project. Also, specifically identify the sector of the organization:
    • Non profit.
    • Government.
    • Business or industry.
  • Outline the schedule for your team development session two. Include the names and titles of the organization team members participating in the sessions, and the scheduled meeting dates and times. If you have not been able to solidify any part of your schedule, please give a report on your progress.
  • Optional: Include two or three questions you have about this assignment.
  • Attached are the last two papers.
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