cost higher education

Assignment 1: Discussion—Cost of Higher Education

In this assignment, you are required to state an opinion regarding the cost of higher education. Please keep in mind that an opinion piece of writing requires the writer to express a clear point of view.

Use the Internet to research on the cost of higher education and respond to the following, appropriately citing the sources used in your response:

  • Is the cost of attending college too high? Support you opinion with three to four reasons.

Write your initial response in about 150–200 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Note that your response to this assignment will also be submitted as a piece of writing for M11: Assignment 2 for a review of your writing skills. Therefore, make sure your response to this assignment is logical, clear, and well organized. Also, proofread your response for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

By Wednesday, July 17, 2013, post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through Sunday, July 21, 2013, review and comment on at least two peers’ responses.

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