cross cultural management

The Key cross cultural themes of the project are country values and hofstede dimensions. Projects should be 23 pages long. Project framework: Title page, table of contents, introduction, various chapters, conclusion, bibliography, appendics project guidelines Example: different leadership styles USA, Vietnam and Singapore compared Format of the project: 1. Discuss and analyse the determinants of culture in the country chosed: History, Religion, Social Structure, Political Philosophy, Economy, Language and education 2. Look at Hofstede Dimensions and World Values Survey to find background info 3. Other theoretical Perspectives 4. Conclusion must be about the cultural environment for business in the given country 5. Project Resources: a. Hofstede Home page: http://www.geert b. World Values Survey: c. CIA World Fact Book: world factbook/index.html d. Background information: Country statistical organization, the wall street journal, business week, the economist 6. Key Outcomes: a. The demonstration of an ability to discuss and analyse the contents of this module b. The exploration of the different dimensions of the global cultural environment c. The identification of the main issues and challenges relating to culture and its impact on facing businesses today d. Comprehensive business report on the application of the course concept within your own work place or one which you are familiar with 7. Using Harvard Referencing
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