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Discussion question: Due Wednesday July 23rd at 8 pm eastern

At least 250 words  Typification of Social Problems Discussion


scoring guide icon Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Review the unit introduction on the typification of social problems. Provide at least two references to support your claims.

What does it mean to “typify” a social problem?

Typify, or socially construct, two current social work problems and provide examples to illustrate them. Include how the social problems are constructed as being harmful to society.




Due Saturday (July 26 at 6pm eastern) Assignment: Intentions of Social Work Short Paper


Website icon Intentions of Social Work Short Paper Scoring Guide. http://www.socialworkers.org/

Website icon NASW Web Site.

Write a short paper (maximum three pages, double spaced) about the intentions and practice of social work as they have developed over time to address social justice issues and social problems.


Explain the intentions of social work as they have developed over time, from the point of view of American society and from the point of view of social workers.

Explain how the practice and field of social work has developed.

Make sure you include how the ideas of disadvantage, discrimination, and being “at risk” have been dealt with as well as the different ways problems and people with problems have been typified during the development of the social work profession.

Include as reference material your readings to date, the film, and NASW Web site.




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