I need a paper 900 1500 words summerizing  the following points/subjects.  The information should come from the book and author,Boylan, M. (2009). Basic ethics: Basic ethics in action (2nd ed.).


Here are the main points that should be covered.  No plagerism from the internet, PLEASE! it will be detected!!!Undecided



Ethical and Moral Perspectives
•    Describe the difference between ethics and morality.
•    Compare major ethical theories.
•    Explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts.
Individual Responsibility in the Community
•    Describe the responsibility of individuals to the community.
•    Evaluate the influence of socially responsible efforts
Organizational Ethics
•    Apply ethical principles to address organizational issues.
•    Explain ways in which external social pressures influence organizational ethics.
•    Assess the relationship between legal and ethical issues in organizations.
Social Responsibility and the Community
•    Evaluate organizational responsibility to the community.
•    Summarize the factors in an organization that influence social responsibility strategies.
•    Identify a social initiative for an organization.
Ethics and Social Responsibility in Cross Cultural Environments
•    Analyze ethical and social responsibility issues that arise as the result of globalization.
•    Compare ethical perspectives across cultures.

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