Globalization and Education Discussion




You have been selected to reflect on our readings located under the Module titled “Globalization and Education”

In addition to solving the problems I have raised for you, you are asked to generate at least two of your own problems for discussion in class. (these two questions cannot be answered directly by yes and no)

Our readings for this week have you focused on globalization and education. You may recall from a previous module how the 1995 GATS treaty liberalized global trade in services. Well, education, in its many forms, is one of those services. Our first reading is titled “Princess Nourah Bint Abudulrhman University’s Challenge: transition from a local to a global institution” by Sana Almansour and Ken Kempner. Our second reading by Evelyn Wamboye, Abel Adekola and Bruno Sergi is titled “Internationalisation of the campus and curriculum: Evidence from the US institutions of higher learning”. The third reading is titled “Globalization and higher education: From within-border to cross-border” by Leila Youssef. Each of these readings will expose you to ideas and controversies related to globalization and higher education but they are applicable to the global trade of many other services.

Here’s the question you’re going to study : The article by Wamboye, Adekola and Sergi presented interesting data describing U.S. students and their involvement in processes and opportunities related to the internationalization of higher education.  The results paint a complicated picture.  Describe the picture as you see it and offer the class options/approaches that might make the internationalization of higher education more successful for U.S. students.  Finally, explain whether you regard the internationalization of higher education to be important or not.


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