You will have to identify and give the historical significance, in the long and short term, You can answer this section in point form, complete sentences or a combination of both formats.

Francis Xavier                    



Tokugawa Ieyasu                   

Bartolomé de las Casas        

Oda Nobunaga           

Qianlong Emperor                  


  Olaudah Equiano                   




Matteo Ricci                          


Lord Macartney                     

Shah Aurangzeb

Law of the Indies                 

Li Zicheng                  

The Columbian Exchange                  

Onin War


Answer each question in a mini essay format just including into, points to back up thesis and conclusion doesnt have to be long.

1) Why were the Spanish conquistadors able to complete their conquest of Latin America so quickly?


2) What were the main features of the African slave trade, including the enslavement of children, and how did European participation in that trade affect traditional African practices?


3) Compare and contrast the reaction of Ming Qing China and Japan to the activities of the Christian missionaries and merchants in those countries. What do their reactions reveal about Chinese and Japanese societies?


4) How and why did a global trade network emerge in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?


5) How did the Ming dynasty establish a successful regime in early modern China? In your answer, you must consider two of the following issues its political, social, cultural and/or economic policies.


6) What were the strengths of the Tokugawa shogunate and why was it able to meet the challenges it faced at the conclusion of the feudal era in Japan?

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