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In 5 7 typed, double spaced pages, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and MLA formatting style, please respond thoughtfully and thoroughly to the following assignment prompt (you will have two options to choose from):
All semester, we have traced the history of the spy novel in American literature, beginning with James Fenimore Cooper’s 1821 novel The Spy.   In my course description, I indicated that we would work to begin to formulate answers to some central questions, namely:
•Despite the American origins of the spy novel, why in America do we now so often associate espionage narratives with decidedly British or otherwise foreign settings and contexts?  
•Given the widespread commercial and critical success of The Spy, why did the genre not achieve lasting success in antebellum American literary circles? 
•Why did other 19th century American writers fail to copy Cooper’s early success with the spy novel?
•Why did it take so long for Americans to succeed in the spy novel genre?
•Why are we still so lacking in female protagonists portrayed as spies, despite the significant role that women have played not only in real life espionage (beginning with the Revolutionary War), but also in many antebellum novels that followed in Cooper’s footsteps?
For this paper, you will work to offer an answer to one of the above questions, in the form of a researched argument.  
You may feel free to include a healthy dose of your own personal experiences in your responses.   You may also make use of any of the primary sources and assigned texts from the semester to help you to formulate your argument.  However, for this paper, unlike Paper #1, I am requiring that you do some additional research to help you gather evidence to support your claims. I would like you to include at least 3 5 outside sources to help support and strengthen your argument. To help you with your research, a separate annotated bibliography assignment will be given and discussed later in the semester.  Any and all direct quotes or information extracted from outside sources will need to be cited in the paper using the MLA format for in text parenthetical citations, and will need to be referenced in a works cited page which will not count in the overall page count. Please see me if you have any questions on this front.
Please include in paper:
5 7 pages in length
5 references with citations
annotated bibilography of the citations
MLA format
100% plagarism free
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