how have principles learned throughout course changed your understanding what it means be ch

Reflection Paper 2: The Reflection Paper is a 3 page double spaced paper that addresses how the principles learned throughout this course have changed your understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Your second Reflection Paper is due this Week, Week 8. Note that this Reflection Paper 2 is NOT to be a correction of the first Reflection Paper 1, but rather Reflection 2 must a completely new paper, with two new topics not previously covered, although following the same writing style format of the first Reflection paper!
Follow the format of Praxis: Beyond Theory when completing your papers. The format is:
1. An explanation of the topic/doctrine
2. Scriptural basis for the doctrine
3. Practical application of the doctrine to the life of the student
Do not write your paper about topics which are specifically addressed in the Praxis: Beyond Theory text.
Reflect on the concepts that you have learned throughout the course, and apply them to your specific topic. Be sure to integrate the information that you learned through the textbook readings, the assigned article readings, the lecture videos, and any other related content that you may have encountered during the course. Your paper should also:
1. Describe the course concepts that are related to your topic, demonstrating your reflection and analysis. Do not simply summarize what was presented in class.
2. Demonstrate real ownership of the ideas that you present by providing unique insight as evidence of your careful consideration of the topic.
3. Provide a logical link between the description of the concepts from the course, and the conclusions or implications that you draw in your reflection. Your conclusion should be logically derived from the application of the course concepts to the description of your topic.
4. Demonstrate learning initiative by exploring conclusions and implications beyond the boundaries of our classroom discussion.
5. Focus on depth of understanding, rather than breadth of coverage.
Format your paper in a MS Word document with 12 point, Times New Roman font and one inch margins. Review the Reflection Paper Grading Rubric below to see the specific grading criteria by which you will be evaluated.
Structure your paper in the following format, inserting the headings within the paper:
I. Introduction (one paragraph introducing the two topics/doctrines that you will address)
II. Part One (first topic: approximately one page in length)
a. Theological Definition
b. Biblical Foundation
c. Practical application
III. Part Two (second topic: approximately one page in length)
a. Theological Definition
b. Biblical Foundation
c. Practical Application
IV. Conclusion (one paragraph summarizing your areas of progression in Christian thought)
V. Grading Rubric (this must be copied and pasted into the end of your paper)

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