hrmt assignment 2


The main objective of evaluating the training program is to determine if they are accomplishing specific training objectives that are correcting performance deficiencies.




Complete a potential mini training session where you have identified a specific need and determine how the session will be evaluated. Minimum 650 words, 3 references, APA format




Below are potential goals of training that must be evaluated:




1. Training validity: Did the trainees learn during training?


2. Transfer validity: What has been learned in training, has it been transferred on the job enhanced performance in the work organization?


3. Intra organizational validity: Is performance of the new group of trainees, for which the training program was developed, consistent with the performance of the original training group?


4. Inter organizational validity: Can a training program validated in one organization be used successfully in another organization? These questions often result in different evaluation techniques.




DO NOT just answer the questions; the goal is to complete a training program using the above as a guideline.


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