Intercultural Communication Development.

Do not duplicate 

APA format with intext ciatations 

At least 3 references 


  APA format & intext cite 


Due 12.22.14  Midnight Central time 


words: 1,000


  Course title:  International Business 



You need to begin negotiating the contracts with the individual teams from each country using the strategy that you outlined earlier.



·         What sort of negotiating model would work with each group?

·         What mistakes do you need to avoid?

·         What if conflicts come up? How would you overcome them?

·         What are the intercultural components that you would use for each group?


Before you begin the negotiations, you realize that you need to develop relationships with the people involved and make sure that you are negotiating with the decision makers.


·         Why is this important?

·         What will you do to develop relationships?


Make sure that you relate your answer for this entire assignment to the construction project that the team is working on.



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