international relations essay 2000words

international relations essay 


Why has International Relations been particularly unreceptive to addressing ethical questions?  Is this changing?

  1. ‘The theories [of IR] are not so much different views of the same world but actually views of different worlds’ (Baylis and Smith, p7). Do you agree?
  2. Is International Relations a science or an art?
  3. Is human nature a convincing explanation of the prevalence of conflict in international relations?
  4. Critically evaluate the contribution of Kenneth Waltz’s theory of Neorealism to the study of International Relations.
  5. To what extent can we speak of a coherent theory of Liberalism in International Relations?
  6. DoesKeohane and Nye’s notion of complex interdependenceprovide us with a sound explanation of contermporary International Relations?
  7. 8.To what extent is the English School of International Relations theory just another form of realism? 
1. Introduction: clearly state the aims/objectives of the essay. How will 
you approach the question? What issues will you include?
2. Main body of text: in a series of interlinked paragraphs address the 
main methodological/philosophical issues necessary to answer the 
questions e.g. IR paradigms etc
3. Critical analysis: establish the parameters of the methodological 
debate; weigh up the merits of opposing arguments and state your 
personal preference
4. Conclusion: link key strands of the essay together; summarise key 


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