intro and conclusion for presentation

intro and conlusion for my presentation about 1970’s. it is group presentation, so we are 5 students. each one of them has a topic except me. i dont have topic i just have to say the introduction and introduce them, then after they finish, i end up with conclusion. i have to speak 4 mins. it doesn’t matter 2mins in intro and 2 mins in conclusion, i just have to speak totaly 4 mins. so it’s ok if i speak 3 mins in intro and 1 min in conclusion. i dont want hard words, so just simple english, and every thing should be active voice present tense. in the bellow there name each one with his/her topic:
Daniella: sports in 1970’s
Pirsilla: influential artists and bands of the 1970’s
eduardo: space exploration
Daniel: technology 
i think you need these info, to introduce them

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