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Week one top= = = = ic 1

Please read the Robin Hood case study (C1 in the textbook). What is going on in Sherwood Forest? How can you relate this cas= = = = e to strategic management? 


Please f= ind attached case 1 Robin Hood.

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Week one topic 2<_ b=”b”></_>
Do a simple SWOT analysis of a company.

Select a company making headlines this week. Assume the role of CEO, and briefly describe a key opportunity or threat facing the company and outline= = = = a solution based on your understanding of the company’s strengths and= = = = weaknesses. Critically evaluate the solutions proposed by your classmates.

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As a CEO I would have= to look at both the ethical implications and the financial implications when making a decision.&= amp;= amp;= lt;= /div>

What did we lear= n about crisis management from the Tylenol product tampering events as to management’s responsibilities for conducting a product recall?

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