Making Sense of the Social World Method Investigation Essay




This first activity asks you to demonstrate, explain and refine your ability to write research questions.  This activity asks you to pick 1 social issues and carry that one issue through the entire exercise.  This activity also asks that you propose different ways to think about how to research a particular social issue.  Please make sure to answer each portion of the essay prompt.  Even though these are your ideas and thoughts, please limit the use of the first person.  Write from the 3rd person as much as possible.

The written length of the activity should be a minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 5 pages.  However, please note that 3 pages does not allow sufficient space to fully answer each question. 12 inch font; double space; APA format

Be sure to use in text citations in your paper.

Part 1 (25 points)

Pick a social issue about which you think research is needed.  Draft one research question about this issue.  Evaluate it in terms of the three criteria for good research questions.  In what ways does the question meet the criteria?  In what ways does it not?  How may the question become problematic when used in research if it does not meet the criteria?

Part 2 (25 points)

Next, identify concepts that are relevant to your research question.  Why did you select these concepts?  In other words, why do they make the best sense in terms of your research question?

Part 3 (25 points)

Now formulate three related hypotheses.  Which are the independent and which are the dependent variables in these hypotheses?  Why did you select these hypotheses?  What was the reasoning?  What theories, ideas, experiences or other information helped guide you to selecting the hypotheses?  Evaluate the sources of information you relied upon to create the hypotheses.  Which sources of information may be more valid than others? (rely on my first lecture—this does require you to consult scientific literature to situate your problem)

Part 4 (12.5 points)

Next, consider your research question.  Would you prefer an inductive approach or a deductive approach?  Explain your preference.  What would be the advantages and disadvantages of each approach in relation to your question?

Part 5 (12.5 points)

Finally, in considering your research question, what may be some potential ethical issues that actual research of the topic may encounter?  How would you propose to overcome those problems?


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