monsters our midst assignment 06

Contextual Redefinition Chart

Use the steps below when filling out your chart:

  1. In addition to the 15 words listed below, choose 10 additional words from sections 3 and 4 of the text that seem important (critical to understanding) but are unknown to you.

  2. Copy and paste the sentence(s) where you found the word. This is the context.

  3. From the use of the word in the sentence (in context) what does the meaning seem to be? (Ask yourself the four questions from earlier!)

  4. Check your answers by looking up the word in the dictionary.

  1. Identify unknown word:
  1. What is the context?
  1. Meaning seems to be…
  1. Dictionary definition is…


“After the siege and the assault has ceased at Troy, the city had been destroyed and burned to brands and ashes, the warrior who wrought there the trains of treason was tried for histreachery…”




“The King lay royally at Camelot at Christmas tide with many fine lords, the best of men, all the rich brethren of the Round Table, with right rich revel and careless mirth.”




“Truly no man could say that he ever beheld a comelierlady than she, with her dancing gray eyes.”




“Thus the great King stands waiting before the high table, talking oftrifles full courteously.”




“And all his vestureverily was clean verdure, both the bars of his belt and the other beauteous stones that were set in fine array about himself and his saddle, worked on silk.”




“This hero turns him in and enters the hall, riding straight to the high dais, fearless of mischief.”




“If any warrior bewight enough to try what I propose, let him leap lightly to me and take this weapon…”




“And so come, or so it behooves thee to be called recreant.”




“Give me now this gisarm, for God’s sake, and I will grant thy boon that thou has bidden.”




“Gawain was known for good and as refined gold, devoid of every villainy, adorned with virtues.”




“Sometimes hewarred with serpents, and with wolves also, sometimes with savages that dwelt in the cliffs”




“Do this penancenow, and soon things will be better!”




“There was meat, there was mirth, there was much joy, that it werearduous for me to tell thereof, though to note it I took pains belike.”




“Then laughing quoth the Lord, “Now it behoovesthee to stay; for I shall direct you to that spot by the time’s end “




“Since ye have traveled from afar,” quoth the warrior, “and then have sat late with me, ye are not well nourished, I know, either withsustenance or with sleep.”



Use the Contextual Redefinition chart with 15 words, and the sentences in which they are used, from the translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Your job is to discover their meanings in relation to the text provided. You will fill in the first two columns of your chart by asking yourself the four questions found on the lesson page. Then, you will use the dictionary to see if your guess is right. If not, choose the dictionary definition that best fits with how the word is used in context. Using this strategy will allow you to tackle challenging vocabulary and achieve a greater understanding of the text.

You will also add 10 additional words from sections 3 and 4 of the text to the chart from the translation that you find on your own. Remember, all sections of the chart must be filled out for each word in order for your chart to be complete. You will need to copy and paste the chart into your own word processing document so that you may add to it.

You will not need to read the text of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in depth at this time, but you will need to skim through it to gather your additional 10 words for your chart. Skim the translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knightby W. A. Neilson for your words.

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