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(Only 350 to 400 words) A weely response about History homework:

“Leonardo DaVinci The Man Who Wanted To Know Everything” (Feel free to skip the re creation of his parachute and tank); Available at:

  And read:

Pamela O. Long , “Power, Patronage, and the Authorship of Ars: From Mechanical Know How to Mechanical Knowledge in the Last Scribal Age,” Isis , Vol. 88, No. 1 (Mar., 1997), pp. 1 41, available in the Readings Folder and on JSTOR at:

  Then discuss:

In her essay, Long examines many topics mentioned in lecture and in Misa’s chapter (patronage, Alberti, Da Vinci and DiGiorgio etc).  Choose one of the authors she covers and discuss how her analysis relates to these topics. Based on the film Leonardo DaVinci how does he fit into Long’s discussion of Prince Practitioners?


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