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Hey Guys , I want someone help me to answer all this 18 qusition than who can do it ? 


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This is all my Question for Anthropology class. 


The instructions is : Answer the following questions with complete sentences or bullet points ( where applicable ). Provide as much detail as possible in youranswers in order to demonstrate your mastery and comprehension of the materials presented in class and through the reading / films. 


1 Explain the difference between race and ethnicity. Provide an example of each from the reading and or films that demonstrate this difference .

2 Using the reading and / or films ,present two examples of essentialism .


3 Using the reading and / or films , present three examples of an ascribed status. 


4 Using the reading and /or films ,present three examples of an achieved status. 


5 Using the reading and / or films , present an example of real Kinship and fictive Kinship. 


6 Define the following : 


a Monogamy .


b Polygamy .


c polygyny . 


d Polyandry. 


7 Using the reading and / or films , present two exaples of marriage as a durable alliance between families. 


8 Explain the difference between sex and gander. 


9 Using the reading and / or films , present an example of the public doman dichotomy . 


10 Explane what gender stratifcation is and provide one example from contemporary socity. 


11 Using the reading and or film , present an exaple of gender roul exaple of a gender stereotype. 


12 Using the readings and or films , provide example of each of the type of reciprocity ( exchange ) discussed in class. 


13 Identify all the steps necessary for communication .


14 what is the basic difference between languge and paralanguage ?


15 Explain why symbols are important for communication and how symbols are often understood in a culture specific manner. 


16 provide an example of the following as modes of communication: 

a Kinesics ( body language ) . 


b proxemics ( social distancing ) .


c Tone 


d Dress . 


17 Using the reading and / or films , discuss how language can serve a indicator of cultural and / or social identity . 


18 From a medical anthropology perspective , explain the difference between an illness and a disease. 

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