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Shane White has been booked and is waiting to see the judge for his initial appearance. At that time, his defense attorney asked for the bond amount to be lowered because his client is considered indigent. The prosecution would not agree to this, so a bond hearing was set for the following Thursday. This will give the prosecution and defense enough time to gather evidence and make their case. Assume you are the judge for this assignment. Consider the following: Using the previous case study, assume Shane White is willing to cooperate and has shown a willingness to talk. You are planning to meet with him at the county jail the following day. However, before you go you realize that you need to discuss the legal requirements for interrogations and interviews with your supervisor. He advises you to review the manual and also develop an interview and interrogation plan. He stated that it is all dependent on the defendant’s motivation level and willingness to share information. Using the above information consider the following: Assignment Guidelines Address the following in 750–1,000 words: What are the legal issues associated with interviews and interrogations? Explain in detail. Be sure to support your response by citing current and past case law. Develop a plan for your interview and interrogation. What components will your plan include? Explain. Discuss the specific questioning techniques you would use, and provide a rationale to support your response. What types of questions will you ask during the interrogation? Be specific and explain in detail. Why might those types of questions be effective? Explain. Provide a list of sample questions based off the specific questioning techniques used. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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