networking consultant portfolio

Assume you are a consultant to a local business that has asked you to propose an enterprise wide solution that includes topology, network devices, IP infrastructure, and network security. The scenario is as follows:

A small accounting firm, ABC Accounting, Inc., landed a large account a year and a half ago that has already led the company to grow from five employees to 200 employees and expectations to employ 350 within a year’s time.  In the face of continuing expansion, ABC plans to add offices in their current building that will span a total of three floors. At least one third of ABC employees have laptops and travel often.

All ABC employees have Windows 7 computers, which currently are not connected to each other.

You have been hired as a consultant to provide a detailed technical proposal that recommends a solution that addresses each of the detailed specifications that follow. Your solution regarding each specification should comprise a separate section of the body of your proposal.

  1. Topology (type of network) and network devices
    1. ABC needs to set up a network and requires clarification regarding the type of network (or topology) in order to properly configure the connections among all PCs within the organization.
    2. The company is looking for guidance regarding the type of network devices that will connect the machines together. Brand is not mandated. The company asks that you explain what internal and external networking components are required (explaining each and justifying WHY you chose the network devices you did).
    3. The network must have the capacity to:
      1. Connect all users to company resources (e.g, printers, scanners, and other items).
      2. Provide file sharing options.
      3. Manage these resources in a central location.
    4. All proposals should include cost elements. 
  2. IP Infrastructure
    1. ABC has asked that you provide details regarding an IP structure (which includes static, DHCP, or the possibility of both, and proper IP Class assignment) that is mindful of the company’s expectation of continued growth.
  3. Security
    1. Basic security has always been in place and now the company would like you to make this a secure facility to protect against internal and external security threats.
    2. Be sure to include details with respect to:
      1. Social engineering/internal threats.
      2. Firewalls/switches.
      3. VPN’s.
      4. Authentication.
      5. Security protocols.
      6. Vulnerability assessment.

Your draft proposal should include each of the following sections, with each preceded by an appropriate heading:

  1. Introduction/overview
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Body, including a separate section for each numbered item in the specifications above
  4. Conclusion
  5. APA References
  6. Any appendices you feel appropriate

All Academic papers should include a cover page with your name, date, school name, section, course name, and instructor name.

Support each of your four proposed elements by citing at least one credible source,   Your paper should be 8 10 pages in length with document and citation formatting

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