personal fitness power point slideshow about heat strokes

Create a presentation (using a Microsoft Word brochure template from their website) or PowerPoint presentation.  You can go and search for brochure and PowerPoint templates.  Your brochure or PowerPoint must use colors, pictures, and address each person identified below. More information can be found on the evaluation page of this chapter. Please pretend to be all the roles listed.
1. Physicians: Make yourself an expert on the causes of heatstroke. Find out what happens to the body when it becomes severely overheated. You will investigate risk factors, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment.
2. Coaches: Make yourself an expert in heatstroke prevention. What steps must coaches take to prevent heatstroke? Prepare a list of recommended actions that coaches should take to protect athletes. 
3. Investigative Reporters: Research the backgrounds of Korey Stringer and Eraste Autin. Find out what made them special to their family, friends, coaches, and team mates. This information can be used to add emotional impact to the factual information your team will present. Find out about other instances of heat related death. Create a survey to find out about the attitudes and experiences of local athletes regarding heat related problems.  

After creating your brochure or power point, answer the following questions and include them and your answers on the last page of your brochure/power point/presentation and submit entire document to be graded. 

1.     What was the most surprising thing you found out?
2.     Do local experts like coaches and doctors know a lot about heatstroke?
3.     What resources were the most helpful? The least? 
4.     What could be improved about this project?

Grading +1.5 for all 3 role descriptions, +1.5 for 3 graphics or more, #1,2,3,4 +.5 each. Please use proper spelling and capitalization and proper sentences, for every 3 errors .1.

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