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• Be  three (3) pages long;

• Identify each of your portfolio’s submissions by title. Please use quotations when referring to your submission titles in the cover letter—e.g., “When Lightning Strikes: A Study of Inspiration”;

• Provide an analysis of the submissions contained in the portfolio. To do this, avoid extensive summary;

• Demonstrate sustained writing self awareness. Awareness includes your ability to be reflective about your own writing strengths and weaknesses;

• Point to specific examples from your submissions that illustrate the claims you have made about yourself as a writer; • Demonstrate knowledge of the writing, revising, and editing process by showing how this knowledge applies to the submissions in your portfolio;

• Describe your strategies for researching and integrating sources; 

• Reflect on the ways in which you have written/revised to accommodate audience needs, expectations, and/or values.  

Your cover letter may also:

  • Explain your reasoning behind selecting and ordering your submissions;

• Discuss the ways in which you continue to address your writing weaknesses;

• Discuss your strategies for writing and revising and point to specific examples in the submissions for how those strategies affected the submission;

• Detail the process by which you solved a writing problem;  

• Discuss and provide examples of patterns in your writing.  




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